Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ate myself sick

Took Mom out to Olive Garden for her birthday.

Goddamn, I ate myself sick.

Bruscetta, pasta vigiolli, chicken parmiagana and a tira misu.  And bread.  Lots and lots of bread.

Oh, how I want to curl up and nap, really I do.  Alas, the whole thing took forever.  Everyone had a birthday tonight.  Took 50 minutes just to get seated.  Should have gone to Waldenbooks since the mall is right there.  Ah well, another time.  Overall, it was nice.  Really looking over the wine list I realized it was all teh same shit I could find at HEB for about half the price.  Saw them selling a bottle of Yellow Tail for $20 bucks, some odd.  Jesus!  I can buy a bottle at HEB for $6!  Who're they fucking kidding?  Coke, please!

Actually, it got me thinking about maybe experimenting with wines on occasion.  Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Ah, shit, not much to really get excited over down here.  Maybe in the morning I'll pick up a cheap bottle of that Australian shiraz my brother-in-law likes.  Red wine is supposed to be good for you.

Speaking of which, maybe my grocery bill will be dead cheap.  I have no intention of eating much Sunday night.  I'm probably gonna still be too miserable from overeating.  Pick up some household stuff, a few bits and bobs, a box of All Bran and some soda?  Sounds about right.


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