Saturday, February 09, 2008

Nearly got killed tonight

What in the fuck is wrong with people?!?

So I pull out of the drive way, leaving for work, and some asshat comes zipping between me and my driveway.  Now, my truck is long, so when I pull out I don't exactly leave a lot of space to drive through on the road.  This asshat was going about 45.  The killer thing?  I saw the asshat.  He was down a ways.  A ways away.  Now a guy driving at a reasonable speed at that distance would leave me more then enough time to pull out, stop, shift into drive and start along without the guy in the street having to slow down much, if at all.  There is also a dip in the road before that point to force (reasonable) drivers to drive slow.  This fuckhead was speeding up.

Christ, I don't know if the guy was drunk or stupid.  All I know is if I hadn't hit the brake when I did dude would be going in anything but a straight line.  Hell, if I started forward just a second sooner I would never have seen the guy to begin with and he'd have plowed right into me.  Woulda totaled my truck.  Woulda killed him.

Had the shakes all night.  I've only ever been in once accident at a low speed (my truck was fine though the other guy's little Ranger was pretty fucked) in the parking lot at the movies.  This would have been devastating if it happened.

So I was shaken for a few hours.

Not until I wandered over and read this post at Vodkapundit.  It wasn't the post, but that picture of McCain fucking kills me.  I spent ten minutes laughing myself stupid at that thing, seeing him with a pipe, a sailor hat and a can of spinach cackling like Popeye with the music playing behind him.  That relaxed me.

So thank you, Stephen Green and John McCain!


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