Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Good shit, even if I can't remember a thing that happened last season.

So there's two governments, one west of the Mississippi in Cheyenne and one east in Ohio.  Texas is the major power broker between the two. 

I saw the Texas thing a mile away.  Seriously, if you're a left-wing Hollywood type, and you imagined the country dissolving, which State would you choose to be the slimiest and most opportunistic out of the bunch and be the metaphor for everything you hate about President Bush?  BINGO!

Overall, I thought it was a strong opener.  Only half paid attention last season, watching it while I ironed, but it did pick up greatly towards the end when they revealed more of the story and they managed to pick up successfully where they left off (if with a smaller budget).  They introduced one bad ass character, a military governor with the Cheyenne government.  They shed a great deal of light on where the story stands insofar as the main story goes.  Very cool shit.  The massive amounts of compression they're having to do (toss off which countries got blamed and their fates in short order, the character bit with the farmer and the IRS agent) haven't hurt it so far.  Hell, considering how little happened last year this might help things get on track.  Hopefully these next six episodes will prove enough to justify a full 22 episode season next fall.


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Um... you iron stuff? Ain't gonna get no chicks with an ironed shirt, I can tell you. They'll think you're one of those with the wide stance ala Larry Craig. Very suspicious, women. Unshaven and rumpled - that screams to women that you are so sought after you don't have to try.

I think I'm going to write a book about the subject.

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