Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birthday haul

Man, I think I went a tad overboard.

Check this out.

Moment of Truth in Iraq by Michael Yon

Hog Pilots, Blue Water Grunts by Robert D. Kaplan

Empire of Blue Water by Stephan Talty

Hellboy (Library Edition) by Mike Mignola

Captain America: The Death of Captain America Volume 1 by Ed Brubaker

Captain America: The Death of Captain America Volume 2 by Ed Brubaker

The Adventures of Indiana Jones

Just...a bit...much.

Indy was a last minute addition. It was $24.99 on Amazon and seems to be exactly the same thing as the new "special edition" releases that just came out. It also has the advatnage of having a bonus fourth disc with a making of documentary, presumably like the one that came with the original Star Wars set. I figured it would be best to get this set since the new releases are actually more expensive combined and, according to DVD Verdict, aren't all that by comparison except for some new, if very short, documentary features. I'm pleased with it.

The Robert Kaplan book I've been meaning to get for an age now. Impreial Grunts was a great read, and this looks good too.

Michael Yon is doing the best reporting out of Iraq. One guy and reader support and he's kicking all the asses of multi-billion dollar corporations with extensive networks of insiders. No shit.

Empire of Blue Water. Henry Morgan. Pirates. 'Nuff said.

Hellboy, fuck yeah!

The Death of Captain America stuff is some of the best Captain America stories I've read. Absolutely wanting these hardcovers.

Good shit, I'm pleased.

Happy birthday to me!


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