Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shiner, Zapp's and Gankutsuou (Happy 28th!)

Went to the store to get some Shiner Bock and, sadly, they had none!  They did, however, have the new anniversary brew, Shiner Munich Style Helles Lager.  Pretty good, but I am partial towards Shiner anyway.  That and a bag of Zapp's sea salt & vinegar kettle cooked chips.  Goddamn!  Is there anything better than sea salt and vinegar?  (Also picked up some power steering fluid, but alas it seems I already had some.)

So I get home, have a smoke, watch some anime, drink some beer, eat some chips.  Not bad.

Would have drank all the beer but Cole decided he was gonna rest his head on my leg thereby preventing me from getting up and getting another one.  Probably for the best considering that we had sirloin tonight.  Sirloin needs to be eaten with beer!  Beer and sirloin!  It cannot be denied!

Dinner was awesome.

Mom was kind enough to get me a few things.  Copies of Cloverfield and No Country For Old Men on DVD and a copy of Ron Paul's book, The Revolution: A Manifesto.  Also a $35 gift card.  Thank you, Mom.

Yeah, it was a pretty good day.  Pretty good, indeed.


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