Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Man, I love this movie.  I can't remember the last time I saw it.  Maybe ten years?  Great movie.  A lot more amateurish then I remember.  Acting was pretty wooden.  The dialogue was faaaaantastic!  Definitely the reason I fell in love with this movie and Kevin Smith films in general.

Man, I can't believe it's been fourteen years since I first saw this movie.  Thirteen or fourteen.  What a revelation this movie was.  I wish I could say it spoke to me, but I'd be lying as I was only fourteen or fifteen at the time.  I was pretty sold on the idea of Gen X slacker-dom.  The idea of being too cool for everything probably reinforced my own existential nihilism instead.  Watching Clerks, however, I apparently completely missed the point of the entire story.  Dante's attitude is more or less my own.  Why disrupt the natural order just for a comfortable shit?  Not to say Randall was any more of a better person, but at least he was assertive.  I suppose now I dig this movie on a deeper level.  Dante was needing to develop some kind of ego and realize there's more to life then simply leading a comfortable existence and that asserting his own ego would necessitate the need to disrupt order and possibly lead to discomfort.  Basically the dilemma I've faced for some time now.  Yeah, yeah, I should watch this movie more then once every decade.  Fucking great shit.

The special features are cool too.  It's the tenth anniversary edition, so it is three discs.  First disc is the theatrical cut with promo material, MTV adverts, audition reels, restoration documentation and a short Kevin Smith did for the Tonight Show call Flying Cars (which is fucking hysterical).  I have yet to watch the restoration stuff, but everything else was the shit.  Smith introduces all the clips with Scott Mossier.  I could swear they were high in the ones filmed at Smith's house.  Christ, but some of the introductions are as long as the clips.  Funny though.

The second disc is the, uh, director's cut (for lack of a better term).  It adds about fifteen mnutes to the runtime.  The third disc is a 90 minute documentary and press clippings.  There's also some DVD-ROM stuff.

Should I watch the long version in the morning or should I move on to Chasing Amy?  I'm not yet in the mood for Clerks II, which was funny in it's own right but not quite the movie the original was.  Or say fuck it either way and watch Gankutsuou instead?  Regardless, I'm cracking open one of those bottles of wine.


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