Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Comics Wednesday

Booster Gold #9
Batman #676
Clandestine #4
Green Lantern Corps #24
Guardians of the Galaxy #1
X-Men: Legacy #211

And as a bonus I picked up a back-issue of Action Comics Annual #10 at Comics Unlimited (sorry Andy) so now I'm only missing one of the issues Richard Donner wrote.

I should have had all my reviews ready to go tonight. Did all my ironing in the morning so I had nothing to do tonight. Fucking still only managed to read five out of seven books. DOH! They should be up tomorrow. So far so good. A couple of books I reeaaaalllyyyyy enjoyed. To be brief, Guardians of the Galaxy really kicked my ass. Really great start to this series. Fucking fantabulous. I was thinking, get the first issue for the hell of it. Now I'm thinking get the second issue and make sweet tender love to both of them at once in a bizarre fetishist ménage à trois.

Speaking of ironing, while I was doing that I was watching the second half of Chasing Amy with the commentary turned on. Sweet Jesus titty fuck! I'm surprised I even finished, that shit was too funny.

Before that as well I caught episodes three and four of Gankutsuou. Damn good series. Very dream like in its presentation. I'm gonna go slow with this series and catch those four episodes again with the subtitling. This is an impressive show. It starts off actiony but slows down with more character drama with the story driving inexorably forward while the past of the Count is slowly revealed. It's the Count of Monte Cristo, I know exactly how it goes, but they still do a damn fine job of keeping an air of mystery about him. I also know that with this version they make a lot of changes so I do have to wonder what they are and how the story is affected. I bet he dies. He's gonna die. That would kinda suck, but it is a Mahiro Maeda show. Still, gonna have lots of fun watching this show.


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