Sunday, May 25, 2008

Them Reviews - Caliber #1

Taking too damn long to read all my books so I'm just gonna post my thoughts on each title individually as I read them. With that in mind, here we go...

According to Radical Comics' website, Caliber is a re-telling of the Arthurian legend. Wow. I wouldn't have guessed. For a buck, I'm not really gonna complain. It starts off with this Indian guy looking for a mystical six-shooter and seeking to give it to the man who he saw in a vision. That man is a captain with the United States Army. Cool shit. The gun he's given fires lightning. Okay, kinda weird. Also, it kills him the first time he uses it. Um...shit. Okay, first issue of a five parter and if this is a retelling of King Arthur the dude ain't dead just yet. The book, overall, has a lot of ideas but in need of much tighter direction. It comes off as amateurish. The art by Garrie Gastonny is the same. The guy has some serious talent, and if he keeps working at it I think he could become a big name, but some of his characters would look stiff and lifeless in their poses. For a buck, it's worth looking at. Radical Comics put a great deal of work in to this book. Thirty-two pages, ad free, prestige format...this is a way to make a debut! I'm not sure about picking up the second issue. I don't know the price, I got a ton of books coming in next week and if it's too much I'd be willing to end it here. Then again, I don't know when the next issue actually comes out! Well, if I ever see it around I'll consider it.


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