Sunday, May 25, 2008

Them Reviews - Justice League of America #21

A "Sightings" issue, or lead in to Final Crisis. It starts off with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman meeting in a secret space existing just between the Hall of Justice edifice and their orbiting station. They called it the, uh...Star Chamber I think. The second act involves this lame little villain called The HUman Flame robbing a bank before getting busted by the cops, Hawk Girl and Red Arrow. He manages to escape with the help of Libra, who will be a major character in Final Crisis. The final page involves the Martian Manhunter coming back from where the hell he's been these past few issues. All in all, I think it was a far better issue then the last one. The meeting between the Big Three was pretty cool. They're finally deciding to bring the issue of Vixen and her power change to the rest of the team. See, Vixen used to draw her powers from animals but now draws them from other capes. This is a problem for them cuse of the secrecy involved and the fact that she apparently saps the actual strength of those she's drawing from. Okay, okay, cool. The actual dialogue was well done with Superman getting ribbed by Batman and Wonder Woman which was fun. Also, from the way they talk it seems like McDuffy or DC editorial might want to eventually take the Big Three out of the team. Interesting. Another era of second tier characters in the League? I guess all the kids from the 80s are longing for the old days of the Justice League International team. The stuff with The Human Flame was cool. He hands Red Arrow his ass after torching Hawk Girl's wings. After meeting up with Libra we see a lot of set up that was already basically given to us with DC Universe #0 with the new Injustice League. Carlos Pacheco does guest penciling on this issue. He's a fine artist. Sure likes well defined shots of Hawk Girl's hooch, that's for certain. As I said, a major step up from the last issue but it still felt like it was missing a little something. Maybe cause it was half exposition, half set up and to be a prelude to Final Crisis and I suppose the new weekly series, Trinity, as well. I'm not gonna miss this series when I drop it, DC has really been under-utilizing it, but this at least was about worth the $2.99 if for the art alone. Really, if DC were smart they would have Pacheco become the regular artist on this series, or at least do regular guest spots. Maybe alternate with Ed Benes and Joe Benitez. I don't see it happening though. Pacheco never really could stay on one series for very long.


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