Thursday, June 26, 2008

Green Lantern #32 review

Secret Origin part four

Coming down a bit from the sheer joy of last month's issue, we see Hal Jordan get a second chance at being a pilot, his first encounter with Sinestro, Hector Hammond go all super baddie and more mystery with that alien baddy Abin Sur was carting off.

I say coming down, not because this issue was a bad issue, only because we're getting into the next, more serious act of the arc.

Sinestro as Green Lantern Corps bad ass? He destroys Hal's fighter, summons his ring for him and then dresses him down harshly before putting on the most vulgar display of power for Hal's benefit.

Hal's scene with Carol Ferris, their bitching each other out before making him a sweet deal to fly again.

I basically like how Johns shows Hal having an antagonistic relationship with everyone in his life. His mother, his siblings, his boss, his GLC comrades. Of course, he's a fly boy, things can't be easy which is why he takes Carol's offer to fly fighters again. He loves flying with the ring, but flying with the ring is like cheating. It's simple and not challenging at all. Hal likes doing things the hard way. It oughtta be interesting then how Hal deals with newly telepathic and super crazed Hector Hammond. Hector Hammond, now a stalker and potential rapist but with the need to rape minds. He cracks open the engine to Abin Sur's ship, but is irradiated with energy from the fuel source. First thing that happens is he reads the minds of those around him and then kills them so when we see him on the last page he's like, "Oh, Carol, hey, how are you, would you mind some mental rape? And maybe some rape rape later? Hi, Hal!" What a piece of shit, I can't wait to see Hal take his ass down.

All the usual praise is applied to this issue. Johns on his game is the king of all fuckwin and Ivan Reis puts all comers to shame.

Do not miss!


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