Friday, June 13, 2008

Green Lantern Corps #25


An okay issue overall. It starts off with some strong action as our group of Lanterns fight Mother Mercy, the big momma Black Mercy plant that comes out at the end of last issue. They realize that Mother Mercy is a sentient life form and, after some back and forth getting beat down and eventually coming out on top, put Mother Mercy in a position to surrender and free Arisia and Sodam Yat. After that, we're treated to the origin of Mother Mercy, her original, more benign intentions and how Mongul plays into things before he comes out to set the stage for this story's finale next issue.

Like I said, okay overall. The action was pretty cool with a great shot of all the dead shit that was in orbit crashing down on top of them. Apparently, Mother Mercy can control the gravity of this planet. Not likely, but comics are good like this. Oh, but it is cool so see a giant dead whale falling (along with tons of gore) on our heroes. Reminds me of that bit from Hitchhiker's Guide. The story is straight forward action adventure stuff. We have a moment with Arisia ready to kill Mother Mercy for basically raping her mind but Sodam Yat convinces her otherwise. Man, what a pussy. But then Mother Mercy reveals that her intentions on spreading out her offspring across the galaxy was to alleviate pain and suffering with their ability to tap into the feel good centers of the brain. Basically, Mother Mercy is interstellar opium. Sweet! Seriously, Guy and Kyle should take some Black Mercies back with them and sell them at their bar on Oa for, uh, recreational purposes. Speaking of Oa, more hinting at future events with the Guardians watch the spread of new colored power rings across the universe.

The issue seemed fillery in the overall story. I'm not complaining, we're treated to some kick ass moments and an important story point, but nothing much happens. My complaint, however, is the new series inker Drew Geraci. Jesus...I'm sorry, but his inks change Gleason's art completely. In places where the figures need more clarity, they're...not. I don't think it's Gleason's fault, but a lot of fine detail is completely lost. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. I guess I'll need to compare the previous couple of issues. Hell, maybe it's just the light I'm reading under bothering my eyes, but at first glance it does nothing for me.


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