Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Comics Wednesday

Action Comics #866

Booster Gold #10

Captain Britain and MI:13 #1

Captain Britain and MI:13 #2

ClanDestine #5

Green Lantern Corps #25

Alright, a bit bigger then expected.

Was watching The Stack on Pulp Secret and they liked Captain Britain and dropped a big spoilery bomb and so I figured, fuck it, let's seee the deal. Picked up #1 at Gotham Comics, picked up #2 at Comics Unlimited with ClanDestine (along with the Green Lantern cover of Final Crisis #1).

Reviews shall be forthcoming! I already read ClanDestine and should have reviews for Action Comics and Captain Britain tonight.

Ordered my ticket for The Incredible Hulk on Friday night. Fucking $9.50! Ticket is $8.50 plus a $1 dollar service charge. Saves on gas I suppose. Got the 7:40PM showing. Oughtta be sweet. I hope they crank the volume, unlike with Iron Man which was nowhere near cranked. Looking forward to it.


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