Sunday, June 01, 2008

X-Force #4

Oh hell yes!

Rahne is at Angel's place being healed by Elixir. While Wolverine, X-23 and Warpath go out for some air, Rahne flips out and attacks Elixir and Angel and proceeds to tear off Angel's wings. X-23 lets her get away cause of some dumb shit Wolverine told her. Elixir, a healer, recovers and begins to heal Angel. While healing Angel he realizes he can't re-grow Angel's wings cause of some artifical alien substance. Meanwhile, back the at Purifiers base, they start experimenting with Angel's wings recovered by Rahne who has apparently been brainwashed by the group. It's revealed that the alien substance (in other words, the technology used be Apocolypse to turn Angel into Archangel) is still very active and uses an active blood supply to power itself. They then immediately start transfusing Angel's blood into volunteers to grow their own army of Archangels.

This issue was pretty sweet. Back a bunch of years ago, Archangel's metal wings, for no apparent reason, molted giving way to Angel's original feather wings. It's been a long time, but I'm pretty sure no explanation was ever given and honestly I always thought it sucked. It was always my opinion that Angel was much more bad ass with the metal wings. He could slice through shit, fling poison darts every which way...ya know, look awesome on the page. Then for no reason whatsoever he go the feather wings back and sucked hard. I love that Kyle and Yost's love for these characters are just that apparent. Angel was twisted by Apocalypse and turned into a killer, of course the affects couldn't be so easily reversed. So at the end of the issue we see this cool bit with his old metal wings bursting out of his back and, strangely, back in the full Archangel costume. Bad ass! The return of one of my old time favorites. Seriously, Kyle and Yost need to be writing Uncanny. Brubaker isn't doing much with it, just give it to these guys. Fraction? No, Kyle and Yost. They love all them old X-Men comics and absolutely want to drive them forward. Soon, hopefully soon.

They can be a bit dodgy at times. I still have to wonder what's going on with Wolfsbane and how they will wrap up this current story with two issues to go in the arc. They're building up towards something big, so I guess at this point I have to assume it won't be dealt with in the current arc. Shame, I would rather this book didn't tell stories for the sake of eventual collection, but seeing as how I'm cutting back my reads, it's just as well. But oh, the fun to be had with this book. It's very much worth the $3 bucks and so far still worth a try.


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