Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nice boring night

Nothing happened at all today. Well, I needed to do my lawn which is getting freakin ridiculous again but I woke up later then I wanted to. Well, Sunday or Monday.

Did catch an episode of the new Fantastic Four cartoon. Done anime style by a French animation house. A French animation house. A FRENCH ANIMATION HOUSE! What I've seen of French animation is it usually sucks and this show was no exception. The character designs sucked. The writing sucked. It sucked. Sucked, sucked, sucked. I can't explain why Ben Grimm had a giant number four logo sprayed painted on his chest. What is he like a fucking pirate or something? But instead of a sail boat it's a giant number four? I also can't explain why there's a giant floating four above the FF's headquarters. Now apparently this show takes after the movie that was released last year. Okay, I never saw the movie. I did hear it sucked though. Should I be surprised? Nice thong action going on with the Invisible Woman though.

After that was a repeat of the Teen Titans DVD release, Trouble In Tokyo. Cool, I always liked that show. Done anime style but done anime style by Warner Bros. animation house. Warners animation is nine times out of ten excellent animation. With a few exceptions in the first season the animation in Teen Titans was most excellent. They occasionally played up the anime influeces a bit too much but they eventually struck a balance that worked. The movie itself was pretty cool. I kinda stopped watching for a while to listen to some Nile but I came in for the last third. Really solid release. Story was done well, animation was done well, and the ending was done well. Especially the ending. The series finale of Titans sorta...sucked. It left too many things unresolved. Not to say they were ever resolved in this movie but it was a better close then what they did close with which was some shitty, open ended leave-it-to-the-viewers-to-figure-it-out-cause-we-got-nothing type endings.

And then I listened to some more Nile.

And now I work. Work being used in the loosest possible meaning.

And now I will read a while before turning on the TV cause I just found out that the new Star Trek special editions are gonna start airing here weekly at about 3 AM. 3 AM! Jeez. Well, can't wait. I'm a huge trekkie but I haven't watched enough of the original series so this'll be awesome.

But first...A SMOKE!


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