Friday, September 01, 2006

So I have a new boss

Naturally, this has me worried.

So, my GM comes down with bells palsy which is that thing that paralyzes likes half your face. Okay, I didn't know that and barely found out last week even though it apparently happened two months ago. So he gets an MRI or something and they find a...well, I understand it's a cyst on his brain? Something like that. So anyway he apparently decided back then to hire a new sales manager. And I didn'r hear about this until like three freakin days before she started. Naturally, I felt uneasy. Last sales manager at my part time job at Best Western turned into a venomous backstabbing cunt and fired me for no apparant good reason (even though she cited about 50 different contradictory ones).

So I finally met Marie Wednesday morning.

So far so good. She seems alright. She came in, looked incredibly professional. Well taken care of for a woman her age. She's just barely starting and wants to learn the ins and outs of the hotel. That's expected. She even wants to learn the audit. Dammit! I hate teaching people the audit. I'm a terrible instructor. Oh well, it'll probably just be one or two nights of basically showing her what I do and doing a buncha things I don't normally do just to make her think I'm busier than I actually am. "Blogging? No ma'am, I don't do none of that. Just me and my little book here."

It's just as well, good or bad, I will continue to do my thing, cover my ass, and hope to God she is not a bitch of the devil like my last sales manager. I suppose I should start wearing various religious symbols to be safe. "O, a pious Christian soldier am I!" *Thumps Bible adorned with pictures of Pope Benedict*

I hate these little upheavals.


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