Sunday, December 03, 2006

Speaking of album of the year

Well the year is almost up and I've since purchased quite a few CDs, a few more then last year in fact. I've ordered three from Century Media so that brings me up to 40 albums purchased this year and maybe a few more yet.

I pick two albums of the year. One is any album bought in that year and the other is any album bought and released in that year. So for instance, last year my albums of the year were All That Remains' This Darkened Heart (released in 2003) and Opeth's Ghost Reveries (2006).

This year...well, this year I haven't bought so many albums released in this year. The new All That Remains, the new Iron Maiden, the new Slayer and I think one or two others. Not a whole lot really. Everything else has been older fair. The three new albums I purchased are indeed from this year. Gojira's From Mars to Sirius, Dragonforce's Inhuman Rampage and Mastodon's Blood Mountain. I have a few other new releases I wanna get when I get my next check.

As for new releases, I'm split between All That Remains and Slayer. These albums have gotten a lot of play in my stereo and sound great. As for older releases, I'm just not sure. There are the Metal Church CDs but they sound like shit and I've hardly listened to them because of that. Pat Metheny's albums, strangely enough, makes me want to put on metal. Good shit, but maybe a little too mellow. Dave Brubeck's Time Out? Okay, now this CD is nothing short of astounding. Gotta love that jazz! And there is Helloween's Better Than Raw to consider. Man, that album is tr00!

HHhhhhmmmm......Damn, gonna be some tough choices. It's all so very very close.


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