Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wow, I just barely ordered too

Got my books in today.  That was remarkably quick.  I didn't even order it via two day delivery, just standard freebie shipping.  Shocked and awed I tells ya.

History is pretty good so far.  It's a huge book, but it's trying to cover 106 years in 650 some odd pages.  I can see why some of the Amazon reviewers called it triumphalist.  Personally I call it being brief.  It seems to be more of an observation on the relationship between America and Britain, but then again I'm only a few pages through chapter one and by this point Ausralia, Canada and New Zealand were't much to speak of.  Andrew Roberts has really only covered the Boer War and the Philipines.  So far, so good.  I hope he fleshes things out more, otherwise I'm gonna be buying books dedicated to a lot of specific topics.

The OMAC Project looks really good.  Contains the Countdown to Infiite Crisis special, the six part OMAC Project series and the issue of Wonder Woman (part four of a seperate four parter) where Diana breaks Maxwell Lord's neck and kills him.  That's...strange.  But it would appear to be important to the story (even if they stuck it right in the middle after OMAC issue three).

And in other e-business, I got a new shipping confirmation for my Titus order from Deep Discount but...something is off.  If I read it right, and assuming it's not some technical thing that I should just ignore, I think I got charged $27.99.  Erm...huh?  Well, I'll run by the bank and get a balance but that's pretty stupid.  I hope this isn't one of those things where the customer service department does one thing and the warehouse is clueless and does something else.  Which is probably the case.  Fuck!  Well, I can give them a call and sort it out.

Got a slightly busy afternoon ahead.  Buy new tire for my lawnmower, get a haircut, hit up the comic shop, break the news to Andy that Grindhouse is over three hours long and there's no chance in hell I'll be able to make it Friday to see it with them...shit!  *Grumble*

The Fates are only half on my side it would seem.


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