Monday, May 14, 2007

Comics, in brief

Cause I keep forgetting to mention them.

Last week I picked up...

Countdown #51

Amazing Spider-Man #540

The Mighty Avengers #2

Countdown was okay. It's the start of a new weekly series from DC and it's only getting the ball rolling. Starts off with Darkseid plotting, Mary Marvel (who I thought was supposed to be a ten year old who transformed into an adult hero, but I never erally followed) recovering from a coma and...something else. Issue #50 comes in this Wednesday.

Amazing...well, man, they're gonna drag this along. It's pretty late really, should have been in sooner. Seriously, how long can we al possibly wait for Aunt May to friggin die? But still some cool shit. Peter Parker the vengeful badass...I hope JMS doesn't puss out at the last second.

The Mighty Avengers...okay, the first issue should have been doble sized, cause this is getting to too slow a pace. Two issues of a new Avengers team forming? Too long. And the action goes nowhere. The critics are right, Bendis has too much talking and not enough ass kicking in his books. THROW MORE PUNCHES! Ares is still pretty cool. Ms. Marvel is still drawn like a whore. Issue #3 comes in this Wednesday. Hopefully things will move faster.

Got more then a few books coming in this week. Seven in total. Heh, seems like half of the books I am down for regularly all come in at once. DOH! However they are all books I'm looking forward to so it's good. New Morrison Batman, last part of Brubaker's first arc on Uncanny...X-Factor. Can't go wrong there!

Now just gotta make sure they're all saved for me.


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