Saturday, February 16, 2008


I hate my job.

Dealing with people is fucking killing me.  Dealing with sleazy assholes that think they can hold your ass to some kinda moral fire is impossible.

Case in point.  Dude comes in, totally sloshed.  Okay, first look tells me this guy is gonna be more trouble than he's worth, he's drunk as hell and smells like an ashtray, so I try to walk him.  I say we got nothin but suites (nonsmoking), rate's $119.00 plus tax (actually $109.00, there's high and then there's you're full of shit high).  He's incredulous at this, says the parking lot is empty (we are 3/4s full in fact, parking lot be damned).  I say sorry man, but that's all we got.  He asks for a military discount (he's Army) so I drop it to $105.00.  Well, guess I lost my opportunity to walk him, but at our capacity (and because of the unseen date in the car...always is) $105.00 is a fantastic rate.  Hell, only five bucks more then he woulda paid for a standard size room ($99.00).  Then the guy starts giving me his line, "okay, man, whatever, I'll take it...*hands over card*...did two years in Iraq for you, but you wanna play this game..." etc etc etc.  Man, I was fucking floored.  Granted he was in the Army, but I sincerely doubt that dude even knows where Iraq is on a map.  It was fucking disgusting.  I dropped his card back on the counter, told him my brother-in-law had actually been to Iraq twice and I was not gonna play his little game and then walked away.  Christ, I was just sickened.  Then he ranted a  little, claimed to know the mayor and said I was fired and then left.

Just...stupid.  My brother-in-law is a vet.  I've dealt with a lot of veterans from Iraq.  I do what I can for these guys.  While they always like to let you know ("yeah, man, looking for a room, cause I just got back from Balad...") it's cool.  They throw it out there, but they don't expect anything out of it.  I'll get 'em the best rates I can get 'em, no problem, least I can do.  Come in like an asshole, don't expect to get nothin.  Dude I've never met tries to give me some shit about bleeding for me personally (what are you, Christ?) and I'll tell you what that is some fucking disgusting shit right there.  Especially from someone who's never been (really, you can tell the difference between Army guys who have been and who haven't or are waiting to go).  I would think it dishonors the guys who have been.  Just not cool.

Is it ironic that before that I ordered a Captain America collection?


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