Saturday, February 16, 2008

Now, back to wine

So tonight I went and got a new bookshelf.  It doesn't match the other one in the living rooms.  Screw it, esthetics isn't my specialty.  But I needed a new bookshelf cause my DVD collection is taking up most of the room on the old one.

Right, so picked up two more bottles of wine.

One, a pinot noir from some company called Red Bicyclette.  The other, a gewurztraminer (a German white wine) from Fetzer.

Red Bicyclette...makes me think it's a French bumwine.  But I wanted to try some pinot, it was $8 bucks and Target has a very limited selection.

Once I got home I got impatient and cracked it open.  Not bad.  Not bad.  Need to try it a little more.  Try it with a proper meal suitable for a pinot (though it does seem to be a very versatile wine judging by what I'm reading).

I can say that I think I liked the cabernet better.  The chardonnay was pretty good, but I'm kinda coming to the conclusion I'm a red wine kinda guy.  That or Fetzer makes lousy white wines.  Course I could be drinking lousy wine regardless, how am I to know?

Anyway, I'm really liking this experiment.  Couple of glasses of wine gets a guy really relaxed.  A hot woman could really take advantage of me if she wanted to (note to hot women, take advantage of me).  I've never been a drinker at all but this suits me very much I think.  I still wanna try a real French wine but research should come first I think.  The French, from what I've read, seem to experiment a lot more whereas everything here is pretty straight forward.

Actually, I did want to get a sauvignon blanc but all they had was a single $20 dollar bottle and I was already spending a little too much.  HEB has a bigger selection.  Really should drop by Feldman's when I get a chance, cause they sell real wine.

If I can have a bit of a Macross moment...



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