Friday, April 25, 2008


Exciting!  Yes, this episode was chock full of bad ass.  Watching Ben as more of a man of action than a master manipulator was cool shit.  Beating the hell out of a couple of arabs.  Threatening Widmore in his hotel room.  Being a right motherfucker.  FUCKWIN!

Watching his daughter take a bullet through the brainpan was fucked up too.  Oh shit!  That's like the third crazy character death since the last episode!  Bunch of soldiers working for Whidmore invade the island and try to take Ben.  They kill most of Locke's rebel faction in the process.  Good by, 'Nothers!  So all that's left is Hugo, Claire and child, Sawyer, Locke and Ben.  Hugo goes with Locke and Ben to find Jacob while Sawyer and Claire head back to the beach.  Before that, it's revealed that Ben might have some sort of control over the nanocloud monster cause he uses it to kill Whidmore's men.  Fucking sweet!  Man, it's like this episode was written on gilded parchment and dipped in sweet honey before being annointed with oil and win.  Actually it was written by Brian K. Vaughn and Drew Goddard, so that might explain.

In Jack's camp, he has a freak out cause they find the dead body of the Whidmore's boat's doctor.  They contact the boat and they radio back saying nothing is wrong and everything is fine.  Who can tell, cause the island seems out of sync with spacetime.  Oppum (or Daniel or whatever his anme is) reveals they have no intention of taking them off the island.  Jack starts tripping balls.  He's also coming down with appendicitis.  Kate still looks boinkable.

This episode was the shit.  This season has been nothing but the shit.  Fuck yes.

It was all kinda spoiled by the fact that Mom tripped over the dog while rushing out of the house to help her old boss with his printer so she fell and cut up her arm.  Bled all over the floor and her cell phone.  Yeah, I wasn't too happy about that.  She's lucky she didn't break anything.  She's gonna be sore in the morning though.  Probably all week too.  This wouldn't have happened if they hadn't called badgering her about helping them but I did get after her for not having enough sense to turn on a freakin light.  Man, the Cantus are good people, but I don't know why they think my mother is there to be at their beck and call.  They should have gotten one of their kids to help, they probably would have known just as much (after all that Mom had no idea what to do either). 


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