Saturday, April 19, 2008 order came in

Got the first part of my order, including ClanDestine and the two Grendel Volumes (Devil by the Deed and Archives).

Good looking shit. The Grendel volumes are basically hardback editions with no dustjackets. The ClanDestine book is, disappointingly, a Marvel Premiere Edition which means that it's actually smaller then my other Marvel hardcovers by about half an inch or the same size as the DC hardcovers. *Tear* It'll look a little weird in order with the rest on my shelf. Or I organize it by size, leaving the Marvel book slightly out of order which would just be weirder. Still, a pretty handsome looking volume. Contains the entire canonical ClanDestine series which is the premiere in Marvel Comics Presents, the first eight issues of the regular series (the final four issues not done by Alan Davis and since disregarded as continuity thus not included) and the two part double sized ClanDestine/X-Men miniseries. It feels pretty thick even though it doesn't contain as much material as some of my other collections like Avengers Assemble volume five. Probably cause it's shorter size it puts more stress on the spine when you open it. You think Marvel would know this. That's one of the problems with their omnibus editions versus DC's Absolute program. The Absolutes are big thick and tall books that, even if they are heavy as hell, are easy to crack open and read. With the Marvel omnibus editions being no taller then their other hardcovers it feels like the spine is extra stressed and starts looking pretty worn when opened too wide.

The Grendel volumes are very nicely done. Very thin, though. Devil by the Deed is only 48 pages and collects the short back-up stories that run in the original Mage: The Hero Discovered series published by Comico. The Archive book features the original Grendel stories featured in Comico's Primer #2 and Grendel #1 - 3. The project was apparently canceled and abandoned for a stylistically and narratively different approach featured in Devil by the Deed. The art is very amatuerish. Wagner's approach is basically all there, but the line work is unrefined and the dialogue is pretty standard comic booky. Always interesting to see a writer and artist and the beginning of his career.

Very pleased to have these volumes in my collection. Alas, I've hit the limit on my other Library Thing page so the two Grendel volumes appear on my page with the prose books (still deciding whether or not I should actually buy an account).

Speaking of mailorder, I should have gotten that damned Samurai Champloo volume one in the mail Thursday, but it seemed to get stuck in Dallas and was re-scanned Thursday night near midnight. Hopefully it'll come in Saturday afternoon.

And speaking of books, I finished 1776 a week ago and dammit if I have yet to bring myself to crack Hitchhiker's Guide open and start reading. Maybe all this reading has worn out my brain and I need to let it atrophy a tad by watching anime before getting back with the words.



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