Saturday, April 19, 2008

Doctor Who/Battlestar Galactica

Tonight SciFi premiered the new season of Doctor Who.  Or, rather, the Christmas Invasion episode.

Not bad.  Tennant without proper support seems rather...different.  Lacking the energy of the previous seasons.  Well, it was the Christmas show.  The real premiere will be next week.  See, this is all kind of a surprise to me cause I thought Doctor Who was on hiatus until next year.  Buuuut, according to IMDB the Beeb has new episodes scheduled through the end of June.  S'cool, I'm glad.  However, it looks like Tennant's last hurrah judging from the last episode title.  Looks like we'll soon be getting a new Doctor.  Anyway, overall episode was so-so.  Set on a spaceship cruise liner dubbed Titanic, it plays out just like The Poseidan Adventure.  Well, except for the evil bad guy who's head is attached to a robotic contraption and robot angels going around killing people left and right.  I only kinda half paid any attention cause I was flipping through my new GNs.

Now for Battlestar, I was less entertained and more annoyed.  I know none of the character names, but it involved one of the recently revealed Cylons (the mechanic), his wife and her finding out he's a Cylon.  It wasn't a bad episode if not for the freakin crying baby.  Goddamn, every scene, crying baby.  Couldn't hear half the dialogue cause of that fucking kid.  Fuck that kid.  When the wife was ejected out an airlock by the President's evil Cylon assistant I was hoping the kid would go with her.  Though I was happy the bitch got killed, cause she couldn't act for shit.  Didn't think she was good looking either.  Whiny little good for nothing and then, bam!  Frozen in the vaccum of space.  Awesome.  Some other shit happened with the Cylons and there was some brief action involving Cylons turning on each other and I don't know cause I was making a cup of coffee.  I want to follow this show.  I'm trying to follow this show.  I can't see the appeal.  It does nothing for me.  Gone are the days of quality sci-fi.  This show comes around and offers up intelligent, well written sci-fi but it all just leaves me cold.  I'm gonna follow as long as possible until I determine it's better to spend the time getting ready for work, taking a dump or something.  Honestly, if they could just make the show all about the Cylons that would be great.  Not the Galactica Cylons, the Dean Stockwell/Ziggy Cylons.  Those guys are awesome.  Not quite sure what makes them so evil.  Seem alright to me.  Hell, I'd have a beer with them and betray the human race.  Why not?  All the humans on the show are pretty worthless anyway.  Fuck 'em!


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