Sunday, May 11, 2008


After I got home from work we took off for Target to get bits and bobs that we needed. Also looked for a new sigar bowl because I dropped the top on the old one and it shattered into tiny sharp pieces.

Anyway, did get some necessities (and came to the realization that I need some new dishes), but also picked up a couple of bottles of wine.

A Lulu B. pinot noir and a TapeƱa tempranillo. Whatever the hell that is. I've never had a Spanish wine so I figured I'd give it a shot. The pinot is French (supposedly). They're probably both overpriced European bumwines. I bet that's what tempranillo translates into. Spanish for, "Cheap shit suitable for gutter trash, assorted riff raff and other peasant classes." Lulu B. is probably what the homeless drink on the streets of Paris at night while arguing with the voices in their head. But hey, they were about $20 bucks altogether, so I figure they're good table wines. I think I'm gonna crack these open with meals this time, none of that knocking back bottles while watching movies in the morning like I did those times. Not that I didn't enjoy doing that.


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