Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I love my job

Working here is fun.  This letter was written to of our regular guests.  He's a nice guy.  He likes eggs.  Our previous hostess used to make eggs just for him.  Our previous hotess quit.  New hostess doesn't make eggs just for him.  This makes guest mad.  This makes guest complain.  Complaint reaches boss woman.  Boss woman addresses.  Hilarity ensues.

Dear Mr. [T3h gu3st], I appreciate your comments very much. It opens a way for us to learn about our guest concerns or discomforts. Our breakfast host attends one very especial department, especially because it is very hard to bring someone at 5:00am. Another feature that set us apart from other hotels is that [T3h h0t3l] Inn has a set breakfast items to serve every morning, and we need to alternate several hot items, therefore we can not serve only eggs every day. We have learned your preference for breakfast items and our new hostes [T3h br34kf4st g1rl] will be delighted to go out of her breakfast schedule to please you  with different hot items that might not be on the menu when you are here. I also would like to thank you for your offer, it will be very helpful to learn a new way to hire good employees. Learning has always been a good habbit.  Mr [T3h gu3st]: thank you very much for letting me aware of your fillings and concerns, I assure you that in the future our hostes [T3h br34kf4st g1rl], will welcome you with any items requests you might have. We look forward to see you soon. Thank you for making us your first choice when traveling  wheather business or pleasure. Our staff in [T3h h0t3l] Inn& Suites as always is delighted to have you here. Sincerely, {T3h B0ss]. AGM. Please close.

Names and places have been changed to cover my ass.


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