Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

My gift to Mom, take her out Saturday night so as not to do anything Sunday night.

Went to Johnny Carino's for dinner.

Still can't think straight.

Suppose it doesn't help that I had to wake up pretty early.  Well, 5:15 but I didn't fall asleep until about noon (was in bed a little after 10:30) so for me that's early.  Got  a cup of coffee, got dressed and we were there by 6:00 so we did pretty good time.  And got in suprisingly fast!  Brownsville, unlike Harlingen, has no stupid rules against smoking in restaurants so when they asked we took the first available.  Yeah, we ended up right next to the bar in the smoking section.  Very hot and smelly!  But there was no wait and we started eating pretty fast.  Got myself a coke and we ordered an appetizer of baked stuffed mushrooms.  I ordered something called a cedar planked salmon, which is a salmon steak served on a piece of cedar with angel hair pasta and sauteed spinach.  It also comes with a free soup or salad and I got the, uh...I think they called it Italian chili?  It was basically pasta fagioli (I think).  On the menu, the recommended wine was a sauvignon blanc.  The glaze was very sweet, so I figured why not go for it and got a glass.  That's good eatin!  I think Mom got some kind of chicken ceasar salad.  For dessert we split a tiramisu.  Lord have mercy, but we were dying at the end.  Waiter was a nice guy and wished Mom a happy mother's day.  He got a really good tip.  All told, it all came out to $64 bucks and change. 

Afterwards we stopped by Besy Buy, cause it's right there.  Someone, I think a coworker, gave her a $25 dollar Best Buy gift card at Christmas and I asked her if there were any movies she was wanting to get and there wasn't a thing she wanted.  But we did putter around and walked off some of the food.  I, uh...did something very stupid and picked up copies of Clerks, Clerks II and Chasing Amy.  All very cheap I assure you!

A very good night overall.  I think I should take Mom out tomorrow and see if I can get her something nice.  Shopping for her is difficult, she always says she doesn't want anything.  This is the next best thing.  It's lazy, yes, but otherwise I'd never know what to get her. 

So yes, very good evening, very full, very much want to go to bed.


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