Thursday, July 17, 2008

Captain America #40 review

The Man Who Bought America part four

Picking up after last issue, its Captain America versus Captain America as the two do a pretty decent job of kicking each other's ass. Zemo, Faustus and Arnim Zola watch the big show from the comforts of their hideout. Bucky quickly finds out that the Grand Captain is much, much stronger then him or Steve Rogers and realizes that he won't win in a direct, or even fair, fight. After a clever usage of his shield and a lucky right cross, he puts the Grand Captain on the ground long enough to unmask him. After this, Bucky quickly starts to understand what is motivating this particular Captain (he doesn't realize who he is and thinks he murdered Bucky back when). So Captain Bucky pulls off his own mask to reveal the truth, causing much confusion for the Grand Captain. However, after a recall order is given by the Red Skull, the Grand Captain flips out again and throws Bucky off the top of a skyscraper. The Falcon, however, shows up just in time to keep Bucky from splattering on the ground, while the Grand Captain beats a retreat. Bucky wants to get back in the fight, but the Falcon disagrees, saying it would be better to let himgo as he has his bird trailing him back to the Skull's hideout.

Sharon Carter continues her escape from Faustus's lab with Sin at knifepoint. Two seconds away from doing so, Sin breaks free and they start into each other. Their fight turns deadly as they're both intent on killing each other. Unfortunately, Sin gains control of the knife and plunges it right into Sharon's midsection, leaving her near death and the fate of her unborn child up in the air.

The action this issue was pretty good. Steve Epting is back this month and, thankfully, draws Bucky as capable of more then roundhouse kicks. Every time Bucky gets thrown into a wall, it really looks like it hurts.

For the story...maybe cause it's a pretty straightforward action issue, maybe it's cause I'm so blasted tired and cold, but this issue wasn't quite up to the standards of the last couple. The end is coming up quickly and Brubaker is really needing to wrap things up, so things are getting rushed forward in a big way but with so many loose ends needing tying up I'm left wondering if Brubaker will be able to do so satisfactorily. There was lots of stuff I enjoyed, Sharon getting stabbed right in the uterus being the big one. That was a shocker! Bucky as well, even though he seems to be taking in his new role pretty well, is easily shaken by seeing a man with the face of his mentor. It's his first real test, after all, since he's bene mostly fighting goons. This is the encounter that should test his resolve. Shaken, but he still manages to regain control.

I think maybe that's what bothered me about this issue. He was shaken, yes, but even though his confidence is shaken, his resolve wasn't. This fight should have been harder for him. I mean, seeing the Grand Captain's face really should have caused more of an internal struggle. At then end, he comments to the Falcon that he deserves the Grand Captain's hate. That's it? Dude, you were basically fighting a dead man in his uniform, using his name and his shield and that's the only thing going through your mind? Do you take for granted that the mantle of Captain America was passed on to you? Brubaker needs to address this issue. How does Bucky resolve this knowing that there were other, arguably worthier men to take up the role.

The issue was decent. Good action, story proceeds at a quickened pace and I'm eager for the next issue. Since the Death of Captain America in #25, this series has had its hits and misses. The last few have been hits, but this issue does seem to me to miss the mark somewhat.


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