Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hurricane Dolly

What a pain in the ass.

First, this is probably gonna delay the posting of the new Wednesday haul and subsequent reviews.  Secondly, this hurricane doesn't seem too sure where it wants to land.  Hit us directly or don't, you fucking bitch!

I'm not worried, but the situation has changed enough that I'm at least going to have to board up the windows.  In the rain.  Also, I should try to move Mom's car into the garage to keep it safe.  Last thing we need is a damaged car.

I believe Dolly will make landfall in around noon.  I'll be asleep so no hurricane blogging.  Although, since my sister is here with her nice little digital camera.....YEAH!  Maybe some aftermath pics!



Wind is finally picking up. Some of them bands around the eye are finally whipping their way through. Not a lot of rain yet, but I hear Brownsville is getting drenched. Definitely gonna start boarding the windows.


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