Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Poor neglected blog

Well, the hurricane was fun. I got a few pictures, pretty much of the house and street during the storm. Told my sister to email them to me so I could post them up. My sister only had so much room in her memory card and my brother said he would e-mail me the ones he took (won't hold my breath on that one though).

Lucked out in a lot of ways. I had said I was going to board up the windows. Didn't. Derrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Who knew it was gonna hit us like it did? I think I was like the only one (well, except my brother but he didn't want to go out and do it) and, well, it didn't get done. Thankfully no windows were broken, but that was just dumb luck cause we had wind going 100 miles an hour at one point. The damage was, in the end, a broken fence, broken trees and we lost some shingles on the roof (though the front door jams a little now and the garage doors could use some work or at least a some repainting). We rent, so the landlords are taking care of everything. Hopefully repairs will go fast. Had a guy stop by tonight to look at the roof to make sure it was just shingles that flew off and no roof damage (even if it was it's only a couple of years old and should be under warranty anyway). The fence will be another problem, cause that's something for their insurance to take care of I suppose. It's down in two places and part of a tree collapsed on another meaning that will need to be replaced. I don't know how long that will take. The one major problem is, the Presbyterian Church we rent from, their building was damaged. Car port on the roof (lot of car ports destroyed for that matter), roof damage...could be a lot worse, but still not a pretty sight.

The luckiest thing is that we did not once lose power. Well, it got spotty at a couple of points, but we never went more then...30 seconds? People across the street are still without power. Most of Harlingen lost power and we were one of the lucky few. I'm very grateful for this. Work had no power and only partial power with no AC the next night, but as long as the house has electricity I'm happy. No cable, in fact it's sitting around the part of my fence that's still standing, but we got POWER!

Speaking of work, it was very boring Wednesday night. Very. I took a three hour nap on the couch. No lights, no one to help...just sat and did jack shit though I did let a woman from a Houston news station crash on a couple of sofa chairs in the lobby. Where the hell else was she gonna go, right? After napping until about, oh, 2:30, I noticed the winds had pretty much passed. Cool. The next night was more interesting. Had half power, the check-in system was down, but the computers were on. Also there was no AC, so I was sweltering. Threw some root beers in the freezer, which was getting power, got an oscillating fan delivered from the house (thanks, Mom!) and sat there trying to keep cool. And trying to keep my cool. Got into a couple of arguments with some guys who had made reservations that day but with a downed system there was no way we could know and we were sold out (though my idiot boss could have called corporate to keep new reservations from being taken). Got full power back Friday night (and phones came back online Saturday night) and have been very busy since. AEP, the electric people, have been buying up rooms everywhere to keep there people in. Trying to keep crews together and not kick anyone out has kept me on my toes.

Mosquitoes are turning into a major problem. The eggs layed from the rains we got a few weeks back have all grown up into giant mutant monsters. Can't walk the dog or have a smoke without coming back in as a single giant itch. Impossible. Put on some Off and did the backyard this morning. Hopefully the few places to take cover in the better, but my street is totally lined with piles of dead wood (speaking of which, I'm this close to a name for this blog). ARGH!

Andy, my comics dealer of about a million years running now, finally got power back to his shop Sunday night. Sweet! Also got power back to his house Saturday night. Most excellent. Unfortunately, UPS is backlogged and his shipment is severely delayed. I was talking with him this morning and he was telling me that he could very well get his books for this Wednesday before he gets the shipment for last Wednesday. Crazy. If they don't come in tomorrow I'm probably just gonna do some quickie reviews, but then this upcoming shipment won't be big for me at all.

Speaking of comics, I did get my recent order from Buy.com and Amazon in the mail Monday. Yay! Both at once!

Absolute Batman: Hush

Superman: Last Son

Ultimate Spider-Man volume four

Ultimate Spider-Man volume five

Ultimate Spider-Man volume six


Good haul. Okay, would have been better by a tad. Ultimate Spider-Man volume six? Was actually a volume six dust jacket wrapped around volume four. DOH! Not Buy's fault, but I still have to return it for an exchange. Free shipping through UPS Ground at least which is really cool.

I had never read Whiteout when the series came out. I really really should have. I didn't read it until Free Comic Book Day this past May and I snagged issue #1. Wow! So I finally got the TPB and it looks cool. Gonna start reading it tonight.

Last Son is a great story. Have most of the single issues except for part two. And Absolute Hush? YEAH! Jim Lee's art is amazing. And of course, continuing with the Ultimate Spider-Man hardcovers. My shelf is getting crowded.

I think that about covers the past week. Comic book reviews will be forthcoming, soon as I get something to review.


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