Thursday, August 28, 2008

Final Crisis: Rogue's Revenge #2 review

Rogue's Revenge part two

I'm a little torn about this issue.

I liked it but I found it...lacking.

Not lacking in revenge, there's plenty of that to be had, but revenge of the quality I wasn't expecting after the last issue. It was a lot of revenginating on some guys I've never heard of. A squad of "New Rogues" that want to supplant the old Rogues. The Rogue's have issues with this and then proceed to show why it's a very bad idea to fuck with them. Revenging is had swiftly and awesomely! No revenging against Intertia, the dude that implicated them in the murder of The Flash, Bart Allen. Captain Cold takes revenge on his father, that was cool. But, it's a roundabout revenge. Hmmmmmm.....

I didn't read Geoff Johns Flash run, so that's the major problem, right? Right. These guys are ten different kinds of fucked up this issue and that caught me off guard. They take down these New Rogue's pretty efficiently and it's safe to say they ain't gonna be recovering too quickly. Or at all. And what Captain Cold does to his dad? Jesus...

It is an interesting issue. The way the Rogues regard each other, their experiences together and individually, fleshed out all while taking apart a bunch of pretenders. I really liked that aspect of the story. How Captain Cold confronts his dad, who the New Rogues abducted, again, just crazy. What makes this scene...well, what makes the whole Scott Kolins art. We're able to look into Captain Cold's eyes, but I like how he places the paneling to obscure the view. We're getting a rather vulnerable moment, delving into his soul a bit but only so much. We aren't allowed the priviledge of getting so close to this character. We get a tiny peek, but it's only so much before the mask is back on. Most excellent stuff.

We're further teased with more scenes between Intertia and Professor Zoom. He's certainly doing his best to make Inertia even more powerful then he already is, to really fuck with the Flashes. And this makes me long for the last issue of this mini. After seeing what the Rogues do to the New Rogues, I have to see what they do to Intertia. Johns does seem to have his plate full at the moment, I hope he doesn't have too much that he can't follow through.

Once again, another Final Crisis spin-off that is far more satisfying then the main series. Check it out.


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