Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fly Boys

God what a stupid movie.

Bad acting, crappy plot, Hollywood leftist PC nonsense...horrid! Good to get out thopugh.

I don't know who the actors were. I don't care. They sucked. There were some nice moments between the American pilot and the French peasant girl but otherwise it was all shit.

The crappy plot...Mmmmmm, putting it gently, it was shit. What was this movie about again? Love story? Revenge story? Who cares. There was some German ace that they never bothered to develop as a proper antagonist. He was just kinda there. The resident American ace hated him, that's all we knew. Then the American ace dies and that leaves our newbie pilot to pick up the torch and seek revenge. But who cares!

And now the Hollywood leftist political correctness. Naturally there is a token black guy. I don't care about that though, that's not the problem. Actually, this black guy was probably the best actor out of the whole lot of them. But the character himself was annoying. He lived in France cause France treated him better then America. Mmmmmmmmmkay! I know French intellectuals back before then criticized America for letting blacks have too many rights and mingle with whites more then in Europe, but we'll let that go for the time being. That's all just Hollywood leftist romantacizing of European culture, big deal. What was really stupid? The fact that the creative team had no idea when slavery ended in America. Okay, there's one scene where one of the white characters wants to apologize to the black guy because he slighted him for racist reasons. Okay, this scene was actually alright in of itself. They talk a little, find out about each other a little, the white guy is asked about his dad's business cause he's super rich. The white guy asks the black guy what his dad did and he replies, "My daddy was a slave." Awkward, humorous silence.

Now wait a fucking second! The War Between the States lasted from 1861 to 1865. The movie took place in World War I France in 1917. Between 1865 and 1917 is 52 years. The only way that guy's dad could have been a slave (a real slave, not just born under slavery) if he was about 72 years old give or take a couple of years. It's reasonable to say that the character's dad could be born under slavery, after all the character was about 20 if not a little older. But a real workin-the-fields-under-the-sun-whips-crackin-across-the-back slave? Doubtful. Whatever humor they were going for in that scene pretty much fell flat. Stupid, stupid writers.

All in all, the movie amounted to a giant waste of time. I didn't care for any of the characters, for the story, for...well, pretty much everything. The action was confusing at time, you didn't know who was doing what as the FX team did a half-assed job. I mean, it LOOKED good. But sometimes planes, which were marked in order to identify certain characters, would do one thing, go in one direction, and it would turn out to be another character entirely. Things just got confusing.

I will give this movie one thing, it didn't make my ass sore like what happened while watching The Black Dahlia. Still, pretty lame.


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