Sunday, September 17, 2006

Star Trek

Sweet, I just caught an episode of the new re-release of Star Trek. This new release is supposed to be a hi-def series. We don't get a hi-def feed here at the hotel, so I can't comment on that end but I can comment on the other new shit, that being the new CGI effects added into the show.

Now according to Aint It Cool News, Balance of Terror should have been the first episode to air but I see no indication on KRGV's website that they aired it. Instead, I saw the episode titled Miri. My thoughts? Well, the CGI stuff looked great. They kept it simple and didn't go apeshit like Lucas did with Star Wars. The effects scenes were simply recreated faithfully. If a scene had the Enterprise orbiting a planet, they simply recreated the original footage. I think they did add a few things such as more detail of the planet's surface but otherwise it's no different than what was presented before.

The episode itself? Ya know, I never saw enough of the original series. I've seen a few here and there, the important episodes, but nothing much beyond those. I became a trekkie starting with the movies and The Next Generation. Miri was an interesting episode. The Enterprise finds an Earth-like planet with no adults and populated with only a few children. It seems that, in their quest for immortality, a new disease is created that kills people quickly upon entering puberty. Of course the adults died off very fast after that. So an away team beams down and they get infected. It turns into a race against time to find the cure while dealing with a bunch of kids who, lacking adult guidance, treat everything as if it were a game and steal the team's communicators. In short, it was okay. The oldest girl of the group, on the verge of womanhood, starts falling for Captain Kirk. Damn, Kirk really does score all the alien wiminz. Well, okay, he refrained in this case but you know he wanted the jailbait.

Mostly, I'm just excited to see Star Trek back on TV. It might be on at too late an hour but that's okay. Other markets probably get it at better times. Star Trek is a series that, right now, no one could give two shits about cause it got overplayed. It became just another cash machine for Paramount and so they raped it silly until they had no more use for it. Getting the original series back on, and with TNG and DS9 on Spike, I'm hoping this creates renewed support for one of the greatest series ever created. Simply put, remind people why Star Trek is that damn good so they can demand new Trek. Get some producers and writers who know what they're doing, unlike Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, and get to churning out new stories. Avoid the cookie cutter shit that was Voyager and Enterprise and make a series worth watching.

Now I can't wait to see what they show next week.


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