Thursday, September 28, 2006

Little superstar

Found this one on the Portnoy board. They're right, this video is the very reason the internets was created.

Edit: Now here's the same thing.

But with DEATH METAL!!!!!!!!!!

Edit the second: Sweet fucking Jesus, this comment says it all.

"If you can't enjoy the simple pleasures of a breakdancing Sri Lankan midget and his opium fried uncle, the terrorists have already won." - Angstone

Never has a truer statement in times like these ever been said.

Go here for the comments

Edit the third: Oh too many comments to read, but someone on the Portnoy board found this one.

'In case people haven't noticed, I'd like to point out that there's actually two midgets in this video, and one of them has a mullet.

This elevates the video from mere "best thing on the internet" to "best thing in the entire fucking universe."'

Oh man, this video made my millenium.


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