Thursday, November 16, 2006


For all of Overstock's shitty practices they sure do have good shipping costs.

So I ordered that book for my niece. Great! I think the shipping on Amazon would have been something like $3 or $4 dollars. Overstock? $1.40. It caps at $2.95 for the entire shipment after three or more items. Sweet! Oh yeah, they might say $1 dollar shipping throughout the site but it's bullshit. They always say that and it's always bullshit. Also, they charege the moment an order is placed. Bullshit! Also, their customer service is crap. Thrice, I call bullshit!

Still, fucking great prices. Really, very hard to beat. They would be doing better business if they improved the customer service and stopped charging at the point of order and waited until shipment like everyone else. And stop sticking cookies up your ass when you browse the site. That's fucked up, yo!

So, like I said, I ordered the book for my niece. When I told my sister I was doing that I told her in an email to choose between that or Slayer's God Hates Us All. I don't think she appreciated the joke. She actually thought I would give the niece brutal death metal. HAH! She's too young for that. I'm waiting until she's ten (at the latest).


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