Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wow, an actual evening out!

Cool, so Juan called me from Best Western Saturday morning. Told me about a little gathering of local metal bands at a place downtown. I told him it sounded good and I would consider it. I considered wisely.

It was pretty cool. I didn't realize Harlingen even had a metal scene big enough to put on even that kind of show. I got there and there was maybe a couple of dozen kids. Kids. The venue was a hole in the wall downtown and not a bar so they could actually show up. Over the course of the evening the crowd got thicker and the space got a little tighter. But it was pretty cool, some of these bands were pretty good. Give 'em a little time and practice and they could do something worthwhile.

I came in midway through the first band's set. I saw Juan but I barely recognized him. "Is that...maybe...was his hair always so long...was he always so huge?" Okay, so it was him. Sweet! The band, whose name I can't remember (God's Last Breath I think), was pretty cool. I thought the drummer had a lot of potential. The second band started God knows how long after that. It was interesting. Three piece with a singer, drummer, guitarist. The singer also tried to do some ambient stuff with a keyboard but unless the band wasn't playing you couldn't really hear it. Mostly he did it between songs but I appreciated the need to be at least a little more progressive. The next band after that I can't remember much, my mind was elsewhere for some reason. They did have a bassist I know. The last band I saw was pretty well organized. Better amps, more players, lots of energy. Even a keyboardist! Too bad you couldn't hear him. Still, great energy from the band and some of the audience. A few...moshers? I'm not even sure I would say they were moshing, more like slam dancing. But hey, it's cool.

Alas, after that I had to split. As we were walking back in to see the next band I asked a fellow for the time and it was 9:00 PM. Unfortunately for me that meant I had to vamoose. It takes me forever to get ready for work and I hadn't eaten yet. I pretty much woke up and went straight to the show. I was starving! Cigarettes can't replace food after all. All in all though it was worth seeing. A $6.00 dollar cover charge at the door and I caught a few local acts with potential. Not bad for an evening that would have otherwise been spent concerts! On DVD.

Thanks again, Juan! That was cool shit.



Blogger Juan said...

Hey, no problem, Robert. I left about 10 minutes after you did. I was starving, too. And I was tired from standing around for 5 hours.

4:07 AM  

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