Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Flushed Away

I'm sitting here right now drinking coffee that is hours old and luke warm. Hooray! Oh, I'm never getting to sleep in the morning. I need to, I gotta wake up early so I can get a haircut. My hair is starting to do this 70s helmety semi-fro thing and it sucks. I'm gonna have it all shaved off again. It's been eight months since my last haircut so I really need it. I should have gotten this done two months ago but...shit.

But nevermind the bitching.

So Sunday night I went out and saw Flushed Away, the new movie from the Wallace & Gromit guys. Its run time is less then 90 minutes and after credits the actual movie itself is probably just under 80 minutes.

So how was it?

Man, that was the funniest movie I've seen in some time. It's about a pet mouse who lives a posh but lonely life. His owners step out for a holiday and Roddy (voiced by Hugh Jackman) gets the run of the place. At least until a sewer mouse coms up from the drain and kills his good time. Roddy's plan to get rid of him goes awry and he ends up flushed down the toilet (hence the title).

It's a very quickly paced movie. There's not a lot of slowing down which some people may find hurts the film but as for myself it didn't bother me. In hindsight it dosn't help along with character development, especially the romance angle that's moved forward between Roddy and Rita (voiced by Kate Winslet). But who cares, cause this movie is all about laughs. I do, however, have to wonder why the Aardman logo kinda resembles a Marxist banner, but maybe it's just me. It's very funny, a few good jokes (one of the rats making the comment he had a bum like the Japanese flag nearly did me in) and lots of visual humor. Some standard stuff (Roddy falling crotch first onto various objects being something done endlessly but hey, it's classic humor). There's a lot of shit packed onscreen which is really where this movie stands out. An oven falling through a floor revealing a roach on a toilet reading Kafka's The Metamorphosis (in French no less) was awesome. The floor of Rita's boat was a box of Weetabix. It goes on and on. Oh, I need to mention the slugs. Oh man, those things were the shit! All of their appearances on screen were a treat. Visually they were...well, like you would expecta cartoon slug to look like. It's what they do with them vocally. Usually they're expressed in little high pitched squeals but sometimes an occasional baritone voice is used during songs (not that it's a musical, but they break out in song on occasion). The timing in their appearances is great. And, considering the movie is set in a sewer, they're everywhere so they can be used whenever. Wonderful. I wonder if they sell little plush slugs so I can buy one for my niece?

A wonderful little movie. Hysterical stuff. Can't wait until it comes out on DVD. I must lament that it seems most of the movies I really wanna see are animated, but they realy are the best things out generally. This and Monster House are two of the best movies I've seen all year.

Went to Chile's afterwards and ate myself sick. Ugh, I really shouldn't have done that. However, they do have a pretty good chicken fried steak. And this cake and ice cream thing that.....well, I expect death to come soon. I really should just eat saad the rest of the week after that. Goddamn, why eat for the rest of the week at all? I'm amazed I managed to get to work. I coulda slept for three days.

Well, next up is Borat. It finally came here so I think I'll see it Wednesday afternoon.

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