Monday, December 04, 2006

Guns N' Roses - There Was a Time

I don't know if this is a real video or a fan compilation. The song is real though. More than a few tracks from Chinese Democracy have leaked. I'll say this, it's certainly better than IRS. That song just did nothing for me. Having listened to this one, however, I can say it's a grower. It would do well as the lead single, however, if it's overplayed you'll be bashing your head against a brick wall every time it comes on. Overall I like it.

So, I've heard two songs from the new album. My thoughts? This will hardly go down as the best GNR album ever made. It probably won't even be worth the wait. It's probably won't even be worth the $15,000,000 dollars it cost to produce. It'll be, at best, solid. I don't think you'll be able to say much more then that about it. Chinese Democracy will be a good rock album and probably rank somewhere between Use Your Illusion and Lies on the best of GNR scale. Nothign they do now will top Appetite. Ever. I'll buy it, certainly, but I have no major expectations for it. Hell, maybe that'll work in its favor. I doubt it though.

Though is there even a goddamn release date for Chinese Democracy? VH1 at one time reported it as October 2004. I saw an ad in Revolver (hocking other GNR merch) with a blurb saying this past November (or fall, I can't remember). Well, it's now December and I see no signs to indicate a release. Distributors and sellers need much time in advance. Word needs to spread, ad campaigns need to be put together. With a band like Guns N' Roses I would think they'd be beating people over the head with this shit. I assume that, at this point, March would be the absolute earliest release that they could successfully aim for.

Too bad. This album coulda been the biggest selling stocking stuffer for Christmas. I bet it woulda gone double platinum the first day of release. Oh well, Axl, it's your loss.


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