Friday, April 06, 2007

Well, that went better then I thought

Ending up going to Lowes for that new lawnmower wheel.  About $15 bucks.  Hey, sweet, that's  cheaper then I was expecting.  Ended up puttering around the store and grabbed a birdfeeder and a ten pound bag of seed.  Spent $26 bucks overall.

Got a reply from Deep Discount last night as well and it seems the shipping notice I got was, indeed, a technical detail.  They credit the account and then charge it thus canceling it out.  Some weird protocol but it works for me.

So yeah, it's all good.  When I wake up I'm either gonna go get a haircut or do my front yard.  I may get a haircut and drop by the shop.

But man, I am so happy thatr I got my freakin lawnmower fixed!  It still needs a little work, the blades need sharpening I think and the two front wheels are pointing in directions they shouldn't be, but that back wheel was friggin killin me!  It was broken and was wobbling along when it rolled making it that much harder to push.  Now it rolls happily.

And I'm happy.

And soon my neighbors will be  happy when I cut the grass.


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