Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Comics Wednesday

The haul!

Uncanny X-Men
Justice League of America
Action Comics
The Mighty Avengers

Well, so far I've only read Action and Uncanny and those two I was pretty disappointed by. Action wraps up a two part story by Fabian Nicieza about a religious hero who ends up massacring the fascist soldiers of an African dictatorship who themeselves massacred a group of missionaries from his church. The story basically amounts to a left-wing anti-religious, multiculti left-wing diatribe about how we shouldn't be meddling with other cultures and we deserve what we get when we do. Oh, and that all religions are basically the same and we shouldn't put any amount of thought into them for whatever reason that Nicieza fails to state. It was utter garbage. The Man of Steel is now the Man of Moral Equivalence, Cognitive Dissonance and Pure Hypocritical Bullshit. I'm not even remotely religious but even I was completely insulted. The scene where Clark and Martha Kent are talking was as fake as can be. Clark asks why she didn't have a problem when he stopped going to Church when he was a kid and what proceeds is the most bullshit idealized answer in the world. "Oh you needed to find your own way and I just want you to be happy. Here, let me lick your asshole and stroke you off!" Garbage. What saddens me is that Nicieza is one of the last great writers of old time comic books and then he lays down this garbage for readers to consume? Can we fucking please get back to the Richard Donner story? His Man of Steel at least has balls, but his next issue won't be out until July. FUCK! Kurt Busiek is going to be taking over the reigns of Action Comics soon (he already writes Superman). I'm probably not gonna be touching the book by that point. Just...ugh. I'll never understand why DC's big three can't be written remotely decently within their own books. Oh, they're fantastic in books like Justice League, but the regular titles aren't even worth picking up half the time.

Now for Uncanny X-Men. This issue wrapped up the twelve part epic, The Rise and Fall of the Shiar Empire. For the first eleven it was a ride. It was well done and tense and then by the end it was going all out with some great action. Then the last issue comes around and they completely drop the ball. What a huge letdown. Well, part eleven ended with Professor X getting thrown in to the M'Krann Crystal after CLEARLY getting his feet and legs torn to shreds. Next we see? Not a scratch! WHA?!?!?! Well, he gets his telepathy back but it would have been cool to see Charles Xavier, world class telepath and double amputee. Christ, this issue reeks of editorial meddling. Either that or Brubaker isn't half the writer people say he is. Also, we see the death of Corsair. I think. Billy Tan's art has been nothing short of fantastic in this series, but this issue was muddled. Corsair dies, but he doesn't really look like he's dead (we only know cause they said he was dead). I've seen lots of kill shots in comics and that wasn't a kill shot. Minor confusion as to who is talking to who, but otherwise I'm pleased that Tan is no longer just a Marc Silvestri clone. Again, the conclusion just feels like a letdown. It was anti-climactic. Half the X-Men are sent back to Earth with a couple of Starjammers and the others stay in space with the remaining Starjammers intent on finishing their mission. It's an interesting change with potential, but I don't wanna see more potential in what should have been a climax. We should have seen a conclusion, instead it was nothing but a giant twelve issue setup lacking any sort of resolution. I'm gonna stick around for the next story, but I don't have strong hopes for it.

Here's hoping the remainder of the books I bought fair better.


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