Friday, February 22, 2008

Had a coffee drinkers moment today

Or, rather, what I would imagine one looks like after years of reading Fox Trot.

Got up, checked the mail, didn't get shit.  Went over, put on a pot of coffee and went down to watch TV for a few minutes.  Got back up, went over to the pot and the damn thing looked empty.  Thought maybe I didn't have the pot directly under the spiggot to allow it to pour into the pot (spring loaded auto stop dealiemawhatchie).  Jiggle it, thing was full of water.  What the hell?  Pop open the top and realized what was wrong.  Forgot to actually put coffee in the damn machine.  Put the goddamn filter in but forgot the actual coffee.

Empty out water.

Discard soaking wet filter.

Start again.


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