Friday, February 22, 2008

Some comic reviews?

Pretty good week with the books.  New Countdown, new Hulk, New Herc, new Grendel and some others.

Hulk #2.  Sucked.  Badly.  Jeph Loeb is wrting.  Jeph Loeb seems to be slumming.  Goddamn, but this shit was just stupid.  I mean really, this makes the stuff he did for Awesome Entertainment read like fucking Gaiman.  Ugh.  Terrible.  Lousiest introduction to the new Red Hulk (which we never saw in issue #1, or at least not in red).  And what the fuck was he thinking with the Hindenburg reference?  DId Loeb honestly think that was funny?  Christ, that was painful.  Ed McGuiness does a good job with the art, but we don't need two fucking two page spreads.  That's just lazy.  However, I blame Loeb.  I expect a lot more reading involved when I'm paying three fucking dollars for this shit.

Death of the New Gods #6.  Awesome.  Tough shit for Orion, but a great way to go out, unlike Barda who went out like a bitch.

Grendel #4.  Fucking awesome.  Little slow paced, little downtime, sweet mystery ending though.

Incredible Hercules #114.  Bad ass.  The little coyote is too cute.  Fucking Black Widow!  Seriously, this title is excellent.  All these flashbacks to Herc's past are too cool.  Too bad this title won't get more then a year before it's canceled.

Countdown 10 is cool shit nowadays too.  Return of Mary Marvel!

Ultimates 3 #3.  Oh God!  Oh, fucking God!  Why, Loeb?  Why?  Hot artists won't make up for the shit you're peddling on us!  I knew this two issues ago, why am I still reading?  Garbage.

Warbound #3.  S'okay.  Kinda tedious.  Needs to wrap up.  Felt like filler.

Justice League of America #18.  Again, s'okay.  Ed Benes is a good artist.  The story is.....well, I haven't paid much attention.  Liked McDuffy's back-up story though.

The Flash #237.  Seriously, Mark Waid wasn't trying so much.  Guest writer I like.  This story was fun.  New writer next issue.  Please with the more running and kicking ass thnx.

Overall a sweet haul, but Loeb needs to retire.  He's just not trying.  He did the greatest Batman story in The Long Halloween, surely The Hulk and The Ultimates are no-brainers.  Sad, fucking sad.


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