Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DVDs came in

Sheeeeeeit that was fast!

Put the order in early Thursday morning, it shipped Friday and got them in Tuesday evening.  How's that for fast?  Never  feel the need to put in for overnight when Rightstuf is so speedy.  Course, I didn't get my delivery confirmation until tonight but that's probably a tick with their charge process.  It was a large order, I wonder if that means that they take longer to process it.  Eh, no matter, the order page is updated every night so that's what really matters.

Damn, big box too.  Twelve freakin DVDs.  Samurai Champloo volumes 2 - 7 and Gankutsuou volumes 1 - 6.  Sweet.  Gonna start with Samurai Champloo in the morning.  Bought a bottle of Rex Goliath pinot noir at the store this morning while out buying milk.  I really shouldn't have done that but I, uh...liked the label.  I'm wondering if I should crack it open and drink it with the show or be more sensible and have it with dinner.  Course if I was sensible I wouldn't have bought it in the first place.  Hhhhmmmm...dinner is gonna be light.  I'm trying to eat more sensibly too.  I've been gaining weight lately.  Oy!  Bad!  Very bad!  Must not gain!  Must practice self control!  Had a salad tonight.  Last night I ate only a little bit of that casserole Mom made (though defeated by eating the rest of those chicken livers).  Wednesday I was thinking something stew-y.  Course getting off my ass is the biggest thing.  The lawn does need doing come to think of it.

Also, just donated $20 bucks to dear sister's March of Dimes march deal.  Guess I should donate a little more after the next check so that way I can say I donated more then my brother (he gave $25).  HA!  Take that!

Not to be petty or nothing.


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