Monday, April 28, 2008

Lucky Star

Hey, not bad, I liked it.

Can't keep track of the characters for the life of me but the blue haired girl, Konota, is easily my favorite so far.  All she does is play video games and watch anime.  Truly a character I can relate too.  She has this weird obsession with "moe" though.

I can't help but try to draw parallels between this and Azumanga Daioh.  They're both about a group of young, dumb girls and their young, dumb girl hobbies, interests and relationships.  Lucky Star, however, reminds me of that scene in the beginning of Reservoir Dogs.  You know the one, where they're all sitting around talking about tipping.  Well, Lucky Star starts off almost exactly like that except they're discussing how to eat cornets.  And it just goes on like that for several minutes.  I don't know if, later in the series, anyone is gonna have their ears cut off and be doused in gasoline though.

But it is a series for those who are pretty hardcore anime fans.  Sure, I like it well enough, but it's overly referential.  It's all well and good that they should have fun with other shows but man I've never seen like 90% of the shit they reference.

Character designs are very good.  If you want kawaii, this show will fucking give you kawaii.  Only thing that confuses the hell out of me is that up until now I thought all the characters were in junior high.  Turns out they're all 16 and 17!  Wow, okay, that actually makes me feel better.  Everything I had heard about this series made it seem like it was a series absolutely worth getting (and so far this is true) but it also seemed a bit...pervy.  In fact, if all these characters are 16 and 17, why did the creators go out of their way to make them all look five years younger?  (Suppose the exception being Miyuki but only just.)  Guess I should have known better considering the uniforms which I believe only high school kids wear.

I greatly enjoyed this first disc.  I usually watch a show in English language audio first, but I think I wanna go back this morning and start watching it again subbed.  Puttering around with the subtitles while viewing, it seems there is enough of the difference between the scripts that I bet the characters come across differently.

My only two complaints are the opening and the Lucky Channel segments.  The opening animation itself is very good but the song is murderous!  Christ!  Appropriate enough for the show, I suppose, but that doesn't mean I don't wanna bash my own skull in with a giant rock every time.  And that's a shame, cause I like the opening animation itself.  As for Lucky Channel,'s pretty pointless, isn't it?  It's like three or four minutes that could be dedicated to more delicious flat, I mean Konota.  It's fairly formulaic as it's just the female host, Akira, being a bitch towards her male co-host.  Funny at times, but it hasn't strayed too far from this.

Now for the second volume (whenever the hell that one might come out).


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