Monday, May 05, 2008

Mowed the lawn


Now lets see the terrorists try to build training camps while being pecked away by those pesky grackles. HAHA!

This means I can go home and watch Samurai Champloo guilt free. Well, okay, the back yard is starting to need attention but I can do that a little later.

Speaking of grackles, goddamn but those birds are shameless and horribly impatient. The moment I start cutting the grass a group of females starts hovering over me. Doing the area between my house and my neighbor's, this one female kept flying back and forth between my roof and a tree waiting for me to clear a large enough area so he could have room to roam around in and pick up snails and insects (really, it kept staring at me). And before long I had a group of four or five females wandering around near me or behind me, following along taking advantage. Little bastards.


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