Sunday, May 04, 2008

Free Comic Book Day '08

Stopped by the shop to chat more about Iron Man and picked up some free comics.

Justice League of America #0

Amelia Rules! Hangin' Out (with back-up Apathy Kat feature)

All-Star Superman #1

Hellboy: The Mole/Bishop Olek's Devil//Out of Reach

White Out #1

I'm pleased with all of these.

Amelia Rules! was just a gas. The story centered around this girl, Amelia, trying to handle all her friends after making too many scheduling conflicts. It was very cute.

Justice League #0 is something I never read. This is a leftover from last year's Free Comic Book Day. Glad of it cause they hint at a lot of major upcoming stuff, the first one that immediately comes to mind is Batman: RIP. Looks like they plan on killing Jonathan Kent. Again. Like the rest of Meltzer's run on Justice League it's very sentimental, especially towards the Silver Age. Lots of artists contribute. Pretty decent.

All-Star Superman #1 was some interesting shit. The All-Star titles are DC's answer to Ultaimte Marvel, but it looks like Grant Morrison pretty much dispenses with the origin retellings and goes straight in to telling his own kind of Superman story. Basically, it's a Grant Morrison comic. Pretty good, I think I should pick up the collection.

Hellboy! Gotta love Hellboy. It's three stories in this issue. The lead Hellboy story is just weird! Involves a monster growing out of a mole in his hand, tearing its way out and leaving just Hellboy's skin flapping in the breeze. Cool shit, man.

White Out #1 is a comic I've always told myself to pick up and never did. This story is gooooooood. I'm not so big on the dialogue, and some of the narrative cheeses me off, but it really sucked me in. Definitely a collection I will have to pick up.

Then after choosing these five (should have grabbed an Archie comic too...dammit!) me and Andy chatted about the movie while I ate enough Smarties to give me type 2 diabetes. Kept him a bit later then he wanted to I think. Whoops! Hey, I told him I was gonna stop by. Stopped by way later then I expected though. I was hoping to get their at 4:30, 5:00 o'clock. Got there slightly after 6:00. DOH! Ah well, no big. Though I did put off the doing of the lawn. Yeah, it needs doing big time. I think al-Qaeda has built another training camp in the tall grass.


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