Sunday, June 29, 2008

Got my shit

My Buy order came in Friday.  Or Thursday.  Got some notice on the USPS site about failed delivery, some shit, notification, yada yada, try again later.  But I got it Friday, so it's cool, but the guy I called at the Post Office was a total douche giving me some shit that the website isn't always right, yada yada.  He did say everyone was out delivering.  That's all he needed to say, everyone is out delivering.

But I got it Friday.  Awesome.

Ultimates 2 and the StarMan Omnibus.  Sweet

Amazon...well, after I made my order it took them almost a week to actually ship it which I thought was weird.  That's the longest they've ever taken.  But it shipped Thursday.  I got it today!  Sweet!  Amazon is the shit!  I feel sorry for those Amazon Prime members cause the last few times I've ordered from Amazon it comes in like super quick.  Two days from shipment to receival.  Either I'm on some super secret frequent buy's list or they're just that good.  Awesome.

So from Amazon I got The Ultimates (volume 1), Avengers Disassembled and House of M.

Flipping through both Ultimates books, The Ultimates 3 just looks even worse.  And that's just from a casual glance!  I've never realy read much Mark Millar aside from the last couple of issues of Civil War.  He's got this huge reputation, but I was never pleased with what I heard about his take on The Authority after he took over from Warren Ellis so this will make my first real experience with Millar's stuff.  Looks good so far.  Brian Hitch has some amazing artwork.  Has a bit of an Alan Davis influence.

Already read Avengers Disassembled seeing as how it's such a short read.  I thought this was gonna be a Marvel Premiere Edition sized volume.  Nope, it's quite tall.  Very thin.  Maybe I should have gone for the paperback edition to save a few bucks, but all told it looks quite nice.  The story is pretty good too.  I remember the AICN Assholes reviewing part one of the story and burshed it off completely as another Vision bestrays the Avengers kinda story.  Well, they were completely wrong, weren't they?  I enjoy those guys reviews well enough, but man I'll never understand the bias against Marvel.  They're all, what, in their mid 30s or so?  Sure, I had that same idiot "Fuck DC, Marvel rules" attitude once.  When I was 12.  At some point I started paying more attention to stories and creators and less to companies, though consequently I have a deeper knowledge of Marvel history than DC.  X-Men especially.  Loved me some X-Men.  But as I was saying, Avengers Disassembled.  Not bad.  It's a very short story and everything happens way way way too quickly.  They kill a lot of people very quickly.  Jack of Hearts, Scott Lang, Vision (oh, dead again in Secret Invasion), Hawkeye.  Brutal!  She-Hulk Hulks the fuck out!  Didn't know Iron Man was Secretary of Defense at one point.  Although reading the story, I thought of something funny.  Wouldn't it have been really funny of that story was nothing but foreshadowing for all the shit Bendis is doing now?  Betrayal, alien invasion, and all directed by the Scarlet Witch?  She is still alive after all.  Endangered Species seemed to imply Wanda still have a vague idea of her old life.  Curious, curious.  Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they tried pulling that shit.  Bendis is pretty much the grand director of the Marvel Universe these days.

Oh, and those Coipel pages in issue 503?  Jesus!  What it took to keep from licking the page!

House of M also looks pretty cool.  Coipel's art is fantastic.  His Layla Miller is too cute!  I'm not too interested in the tie-ins, but flipping through it I might pick up the Spider-Man tie-in.  If I can find it.

And putting these up, it occured to me I think I have more Avengers hardcovers than anything else.

Oh, can't forget Starman.  Damn, I never read this series.  Ever.  When I saw this was coming out in hardcover, I jumped on it.  I've heard so many excellent things about it, how could I pass it up?  And a very excellent looking edition it is.  I can't wait to sit down with this and really read it.  Looks so good.

Also, the Church finally approved a new A/C unit for the house and it was installed Friday.  Holy shit, it works really well!  The house lacks insulation, so it'll run a great deal like that old one, but hopefully the fact that it's more efficient will help bring our electricity bills down some.  I hope, I hope I hope.


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