Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Green Lantern #34 review

Secret Origin part six

Every time I read Sinestro's dialogue, I hear the Monarch in my head.

It really works, try it!

So we're nearing the end of Secret Origin and we get what I suppose is the climax. There's one part left and, honestly, I'm starting to get impatient. Blackest Night now, dammit!

The action wraps up in this issue, so what we're left with is Hal essentially coming to certain realizations. Arguing with Sinestro, and after being told to deal with his anger, he does. The first person he goes to see is Carl Ferris, and what he finds rather shocks him. Carl Ferris, in bed, dying. Can't really be pissed off at a dying man! So Hal leaves with a changed outlook on life and the past and the like. The seeds of a future romance are planted and perhaps a newfound respect for his place in the universe. That is until the Guardians call him and Sinestro back to OA to be reprimanded.

Strange creatures, those Guardians.

It's kind of unfair to call this arc a coming of age story for Hal Jordan, but that is essentially what it is. This is when he starts to jettison that overdeveloped ego of his and basically starts to have the outlook of a hero. Strange that Hal, who's in his late 20s by now, surely, would still need to grow up but he does, coming to terms with his father and the man he blamed for his death. Not a horribly deep story, but while the origin of so many heroes are grounded in tragedy, it's interesting to see at least one who's origin is grounded in...well, closure.

I can dig that.


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