Monday, September 01, 2008



Spent a bit a little over $200 bucks today. Money sure likes being spent.

So, what did I get?


A new weed-eater. It's a good one, I think, and I've been needing to get one forever. Advantage, it was on sale for Labor Day, which was cool. I spent a lot less on it then I thought I was going to, though I still bought a two year warranty, some line and air filters for my mower. That was $150 altogether right there.

So then, skipped on over to Waldenbooks.

Yep. I've loved this series and I've been looking forward to getting this volume all week. Scalzi does some good shit.

I've heard good things!

Got Mom another book as well, and that all came out to $30 some odd.

Then I took her to Chili's. We didn't need that, but it was cool. Our waiter was the nephew/adopted son of the proprietor of Gotham Comics. Cool! I forgot he worked their Sundays. Gave him a 50% tip. $30 bucks all told there.

Came home, became quickly annoyed with a new gas can purchased at Walmart that morning. And by annoyed, I mean infuriated. The spout on the stupid thing was designed to deter morons and arsonists or some shit. The spout has a little contraption that requires pulling back to release fluids. The fuck?!?!?! Spent $7 bucks to be treated like a potential felon, thanks. What a waste of a trip.

But, very happy with my new shit. Can't wait to use the new edger. It's a pain in the ass doing the lawn and rolling over shit that doesn't need rolling over. I can also prove to my neighbors that I do, in fact, have a curb. Yeah, it's ugly.


Blogger Mr. Newit said...

Ender's Game was one of my favorite books as a kid. Just a really cool book. The next one in the series doesn't do it for me. BUT get Ender's Shadow and it leads you through the same place in a different way. Awesomeness distilled and put in neat bottle for private consumption, I tells thee.

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