Thursday, August 28, 2008

X-Men: Legacy #215 review

Walkthrough part one

I can't help but feel we're really starting to see the limitations of this new direction. The whole point of X-Men Legacy is to deconstruct Xavier and his dream and rebuild the character and possibly the core premise of the entire X-Men franchise. Reading this issue, it seems like Carey is just sort of spinning his wheels without getting any forward motion.

Okay, so Xavier and Cyclops meet again since the end of Messiah Complex. And the meeting goes badly, needless to say. But the entire meeting covers ground that has really already been tread in the last arc. Really, nothing new is added to Xavier's little journey of self-rediscovery. Granted, it's a two parter and it's not over yet, but this is the first issue of Legacy that's actually left me somewhat disappointed. The sub-plot featuring Rogue was cool, she's running around Australia again picking up the pieces of her past as well, but only a few pages of this issue is dedicated to this particular story. The rest is.....meh.

The meeting between Xavier and Cyclops can be summed up thusly...Cyclops is pissed off at Xavier, Xavier wants understanding and maybe forgiveness. Nothing new, really. We do get an interesting twist at the end, however, when it looks like Emma Frost is gonna get in on the action. Alright, cool, maybe this will give some meaning to their reunion. The telepathic face off between Xavier and Sinister in the last issue was cool, this should be just as good, right? I certainly hope so. What really bugged me was that this is the first time Xavier and Scott Summers have been face to face since the end of Messiah Complex. Xavier was on the ground with half his head missing and Cyclops was declaring the X-Men over and done with. It's some time later and...what. "Hey, Charles, good to see you ain't dead." That's it? Come one! There really should have been more to this meeting. A bit of emotional nuance would have been in order. Hey, Xavier half raised Scott Summers. Last Summers saw, Xavier was half dead and then up and disappeared. The reaction could have been.....well, anything else but that.

I don't know, maybe Carey shouldn't approach this as strictly an Xavier series. Rogue's side story in this issue looks cool. It looks ripe for mining new material. She had a billion minds in her head at one point, that certainly had to have messed her up good.

But I'm not a writer, what do I know?

All I can say is this issue was, at best, meh.


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