Monday, September 08, 2008

Nightwing #148 review

The Great Leap part two

If Dick Grayson becomes the new Batman for a while, please let it be on the basis that his relationship with Alfred is so cool. After getting Carol to safety, and bleeding heavily, Nightwing lands in the Batcave and is immediately tended to by Alfred. This whole scene made the book for me. It kinda threw into question where thing takes place in regards to RIP, but it was excellent. I was starting to think Tomasi wasn't capable of much more than high tension action and lots of blood and gore, but the Nightwing/Alfred sequence showed a bit of nuance that I greatly enjoyed. When Alfred throws the bloody rags aside, washes his hands and is just ready to collapse from teh emotiional exhaustion of witnessing his family crumble around him. And kudos to Rags Morales for capturing this so well. The look on Alfred's face is well worth contemplating on, noting the burden he shares. While Bruce, Dick and Tim all have their missions and goals, I don't Alfred's burden is given much thought. Simply cast aside as the loyal and patient butler and attendant of Bruce Wayne and Batman. How often do we, the readers, ever consider that maybe Alfred's purpose, his mission, is worth regarding?

I thought last month's issue of Nightwing was good, but this issue is better! I thought Chuck Dixon's run on Nightwing in the beginning was good but Tomasi's run is faaaaaaantastic! Tomasi is really nailing this character down for me. I was just probably gonna maybe pick up this arc. I think I might have to pick up this title. Gonna have to hunt down everything Tomasi has done on this book earlier. Great stuff.


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